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Re: Merging libcommons-net-java packages

Le 09/08/2014 19:51, tony mancill a écrit :

> My only comment is to consider whether it would be easier to upload a
> src:libcommons-net3-java that otherwise follows the trajectory you
> describe for the src:libcommons-net2-java package.  Then, instead of
> having to do a rename in step 3, you could simply delete
> src:libcommons-net2-java once src:libcommons-net3-java
> provides/conflicts sufficiently to drop the previous two older source
> packages.  Aside from (potentially) saving a step, having net3 might be
> better self-documenting if we find ourselves wanting a net4 package in
> the archive at some point down the road.

Late follow up on this topic:

A motivation behind this proposal is also to return to a state where the
name of the package doesn't contain the version number. So creating a
net3 package would defeat that goal.

I've been thinking about the transition today and I'll instead pick a
more direct route:

1. Recreate src:libcommons-net-java from src:libcommons-net2-java and
upgrade it to the version 3.3

2. Update the reverse dependencies of libcommons-net{1,2}-java to use
libcommons-net-java instead.

3. Request the removal of src:libcommons-net{1,2}-java

There are only 8 reverse dependencies affected, the steps 1 and 2 can
easily be done simultaneously. I'm going to stage
libcommons-net-java/3.3 in experimental and proceed with the transition
once Jessie is out.

Emmanuel Bourg

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