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Re: RFS: argparse4j -- a command-line argument parser for Java based on Python's argparse module

On 4/12/14 8:35 PM, "Emmanuel Bourg" <ebourg@apache.org> wrote:

>>The argparse4j library is a dependency for dropwizard, which I'm
>> in the process of (slowly) packaging for Debian.
>As I understand dropwizard is just a framework, do you have another
>target in mind that relies on it? If you need some help you can also
>post a list of the libraries you need, someone might be tempted to join
>and help packaging some of them.

Hi Emmanuel.  HP Cloud has a number of proprietary and open source
services written using Dropwizard.  One of the open source ones is Monasca
- a high-performance metrics processing solution for OpenStack.  If you're
really keen there's info at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Monasca and
the code is all up on GitHub.  Getting Monasca going is my eventual goal,
although there's so much work there I'm really only looking at Dropwizard
to avoid becoming too overwhelmed.

As you say though, Dropwizard is a framework so I'm hoping that it will
find significant use outside of my direct use case.  The popcon numbers
should shed some light on whether that's true or not.  Looking at my DDPO
page I'm a little surprised that people are using some of the ruby modules
I packaged a few months ago, especially since none of them have been part
of an official release yet.  It would also be nice to make Debian a great
platform for hosting Java apps.

I started writing up a wiki page for Dropwizard:


It needs a bit more attention, but it's what I've been using to keep an
overview of what's still to be done.



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