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Re: RFS: java-allocation-instrumenter -- A Java agent which causes a callback to be invoked on each memory allocation

On 5/12/14 8:38 AM, "Emmanuel Bourg" <ebourg@apache.org> wrote:

>Le 04/12/2014 06:20, Potter, Tim (Cloud Services) a écrit :
>> Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a sponsor for my packaging of the
>> java-allocation-instrumenter module.  No watch file was created as there
>> appears to be only one release with no version number on the google code
>> site that hosts the package.  Would someone be able to take a look?
>> The java-allocation-instrumenter library is a dependency for caliper,
>> which is a dependency for dropwizard-metrics, which is in turn a
>> dependency for dropwizard.  (-:
>I started looking at this package, do you think we could use the latest
>snapshot from the svn repository instead of the version 2.1? Java 8
>support has been implemented but not released yet, this would be good
>for our transition.

OK - I will take a look.


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