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Re: Re: test rebuild with openjdk-8, build log analysis and bug filings needed

> What about providing only the JDK in Jessie without the Java plugin?
> Currently the target audience for Java 8 are the developers. Oracle is
> still distributing Java 7 on its java.com website aimed at the end
> users. It would be less critical to provide timely security updates for
> a JDK used for development purpose than fixing a JRE executing applets
> on the web.

+1 for Emmanuel's proposal.
Moreover, there will be a maintenance problem with JDK7 on Jessie:
Oracle's maintenance policy is to support only releases N and N-1.
As Java9 is expected to be released on March 2016, Oracle will end
freely available patches for Java7 at around the same date.
This is too soon with respect to Jessie's maintenance period
(not even considering an LTS version).


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