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Re: maven-debian-helper to maven3

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for tackling this issue.

Le 06/09/2014 06:53, Andrew Schurman a écrit :

> I've been taking a look at what it would take to update the
> maven-debian-helper package to use maven 3 [0]. This includes all the
> changes that I made manually to test that maven 3 could work with some
> packages with minimal changes as well as a few extras. I've used the
> assumption that maven3 will completely replace maven2 rather than
> supporting both. For most projects, this should be a valid assumption.

I agree, we should aim for the removal of Maven 2 in Jessie+1.

> Unfortunately, it isn't yet able to build a deb package because
> debian/rules uses ant to build which uses a custom classpath filled with
> maven2 dependencies; it fails to resolve maven3 dependencies. I see 2
> solutions:

What about updating the classpath with the Maven 3 dependencies? Would
that work?

> 1) Get maven-debian-helper to use itself to build (and hence use maven3
> internally to build). This will then use the libraries included in maven
> itself, rather than packaged dependencies, and would therefore change if
> the version of maven changes. It seems this was tried before (in part?)
> and removed in 5e4fa2b4.

I like the idea.

> 2) Break up/extend the maven package so its dependencies are available
> in a format maven-ant-helper expects, i.e. debian-versioned poms. This
> will mean the package will be build with maven2 until the
> maven-ant-helper is updated, but shouldn't be an issue as long as it
> builds.

How should the maven package be modified to achieve that?

> One thing to note: there are failing unit tests in the
> maven-packager-utils module, which were failing before my changes. I'm
> not sure if this is just my machine or an actual failure.

I have a test failure too:

Failed tests:
testInstallJarToRepo(org.debian.maven.plugin.InstallMojoTest): Resource
not found in the classpath
not found in the classpath

Emmanuel Bourg

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