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maven-debian-helper to maven3

Hey guys,

I've been taking a look at what it would take to update the
maven-debian-helper package to use maven 3 [0]. This includes all the
changes that I made manually to test that maven 3 could work with some
packages with minimal changes as well as a few extras. I've used the
assumption that maven3 will completely replace maven2 rather than
supporting both. For most projects, this should be a valid assumption.

Unfortunately, it isn't yet able to build a deb package because
debian/rules uses ant to build which uses a custom classpath filled with
maven2 dependencies; it fails to resolve maven3 dependencies. I see 2
1) Get maven-debian-helper to use itself to build (and hence use maven3
internally to build). This will then use the libraries included in maven
itself, rather than packaged dependencies, and would therefore change if
the version of maven changes. It seems this was tried before (in part?)
and removed in 5e4fa2b4.
2) Break up/extend the maven package so its dependencies are available
in a format maven-ant-helper expects, i.e. debian-versioned poms. This
will mean the package will be build with maven2 until the
maven-ant-helper is updated, but shouldn't be an issue as long as it

One thing to note: there are failing unit tests in the
maven-packager-utils module, which were failing before my changes. I'm
not sure if this is just my machine or an actual failure.


[0] https://github.com/arcticwaters/maven-debian-helper

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