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Re: build-helper-maven-plugin not found by mvn-debian?

On 14/08/14 21:40, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 13/08/14 22:29, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
>> Le 12/08/2014 22:46, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
>>> Can anybody comment on how to get this building?
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I got a similar issue with the maven-felix-plugin and never found a
>> better solution than specifying the exact version of the plugin
>> available in Debian.
>> Looking at your patch, you can simplify it slightly by adding ignore
>> rules in debian/maven.ignoreRules instead of commenting the
>> dependencies. That lowers the risk of conflict when you upgrade to a new
>> version and refresh the patches.
> Very similar discussion on another of the GSoC projects:
>    https://github.com/ganglia/jmxetric/pull/28
> Zhi An has been working on JMXetric and gmetric4j over the summer.
> If you specify the exact version of the plugin, does that mean you have
> to update the package in sid every time the plugin is updated in sid?

Just an update on this:

- I completely converted the upstream builds to Maven, not using the Ant
stuff any more

- To package this, I switched the debian/* artifacts to use cdbs and

- With some other tweaks, that seems to get me past the problems I had

- It now builds on most architectures but there are a few troublesome
ones, e.g. kfreebsd, hurd, sparc - are those known limitations for Java
at present?


I've been keeping the artifacts here:


while waiting for upstream to merge my changes into their SVN.

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