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Re: build-helper-maven-plugin not found by mvn-debian?

On 13/08/14 22:29, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Le 12/08/2014 22:46, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
>> Can anybody comment on how to get this building?
> Hi Daniel,
> I got a similar issue with the maven-felix-plugin and never found a
> better solution than specifying the exact version of the plugin
> available in Debian.
> Looking at your patch, you can simplify it slightly by adding ignore
> rules in debian/maven.ignoreRules instead of commenting the
> dependencies. That lowers the risk of conflict when you upgrade to a new
> version and refresh the patches.

Very similar discussion on another of the GSoC projects:


Zhi An has been working on JMXetric and gmetric4j over the summer.

If you specify the exact version of the plugin, does that mean you have
to update the package in sid every time the plugin is updated in sid?

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