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Re: [GSoC] Status Reoprt: Java Project Dependency Builder

On 09/06/14 12:54, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:
>> On 07/06/14 09:33, Andrew Schurman wrote:
>>> I recall reading that packaging a maven project for debian requires
>>> maven to be in offline mode during the build. I can try to emulate
>>> that by dumping artifacts into a built artifact repository and use
>>> that as the only repository during the build. You are still kind of
>> This is a perfectly valid strategy.
>>> cheating because you need an online repository to get the artifact
>>> metadata in the first place, but since I've opted to fork off a maven
>>> process for building, we can force offline mode there. This will
>> I really feel this may need a two-phase workflow (e.g. scan deps in one
>> phase, build in a second phase) and that it may be asynchronous (the
>> build will not always happen immediately after the scan)
>> A very simplistic strategy would involve creating some output file,
>> maybe just a CSV file, listing each dependency that was not found.  This
>> data could also go into SQL or MongoDB or something.
> Would there be value in checking of dependencies that are already
> packages in Debian, and/or aiming to include more of the
> more-commonly-used java libs in the distribution?

If Debian-packaged JARs are visible to Maven when it is running locally,
then that should be almost effortless.  Is that the case though, or is
there any intention for all packaged JARs to provide a pom.xml?

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