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Re: [GSoC] Status Reoprt: Java Project Dependency Builder

Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:

> On 07/06/14 09:33, Andrew Schurman wrote:
> > I recall reading that packaging a maven project for debian requires
> > maven to be in offline mode during the build. I can try to emulate
> > that by dumping artifacts into a built artifact repository and use
> > that as the only repository during the build. You are still kind of
> This is a perfectly valid strategy.
> > cheating because you need an online repository to get the artifact
> > metadata in the first place, but since I've opted to fork off a maven
> > process for building, we can force offline mode there. This will
> I really feel this may need a two-phase workflow (e.g. scan deps in one
> phase, build in a second phase) and that it may be asynchronous (the
> build will not always happen immediately after the scan)
> A very simplistic strategy would involve creating some output file,
> maybe just a CSV file, listing each dependency that was not found.  This
> data could also go into SQL or MongoDB or something.

Would there be value in checking of dependencies that are already
packages in Debian, and/or aiming to include more of the
more-commonly-used java libs in the distribution?



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