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Re: Your experience with liferay?

Hi Thomas,

Le samedi 02 février 2013 12:57:54, Thomas Koch a écrit :
> What was your experience with liferay in 2010? I wouldn't like to develop
> on top of something that would never be likely to enter Debian. What is
> your experience with upstream? Do they have an interest to make changes to
> replace non free dependencies with free ones?
> Do you have an opinion on the code quality of liferay? Would you suggest an
> alternative to liferay to base my project on? I value good code quality a
> lot more than feature completeness.

I've started Liferay packaging effort for Debian in 2010, since I've worked 
with Liferay product for 2 years (on 4.x and 5.x releases) for various 
customers. FTR, I've left this position 6 months ago so there is little 
changes I'll work again on Liferay packaging.

1/ This is an huge task.
Liferay depends on many libraries and frameworks as you can see on Debian Wiki 
[1]. Liferay is - at the same time - a core framework (portlet-based) to build 
your custom application but it's also a aggregate distribution of many 
applications (wiki, forums, CMS and so on).

2/ Some packages are non-free:
Liferay use Content Repository API (aka JCR - JSR283) which is under a non-
DFSG compliant license "Day Software, Inc License". I don't know if upstream 
is willing to replace this with something else.

3/ Code quality is not "top-notch"
I cannot speak for recent Liferay release (6.x series) but previous release 
wasn't really of top quality : even migrating between Enterprise Edition (EE) 
release was not really straight forward (API and ABI changes !).

I don't know exact details of your project so it's difficult to recommend 
something else... Depending on your needs, maybe you can check Nuxeo [3], eXo 
Platform [4] or Alfresco [5]

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Java/LiferayPackaging
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/573482
[3] http://www.nuxeo.com/en/products/content-management-platform
[4] http://forge.ow2.org/projects/exoplatform/
[5] https://developer.alfresco.com/


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