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Re: Copyright assignement for Debian tools?

The Debian Project is not a legal entity so you can't assign copyright
to it. See the replies about SPI/FSF/etc though.

If you are contributing to copyleft projects, it is important to have
diverse copyright holders to prevent converting projects to
proprietary licenses. The package you are contributing to is
permissively licensed and can become proprietary easily anyway, so
this doesn't apply to your situation though.

My advice would just to put "Copyright 2013 Thomas Koch" and a
DFSG-free license, anything else would be more effort on your part.

If you don't want to be a copyright holder ever, your choices are to
stop creating copyrightable materials or time travel to before 1886
and take it up with the Berne Convention authors. There is also
work-for-hire situations in various jurisdictions and tedious
copyright assignment procedures in many others.



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