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Copyright assignement for Debian tools?


I'm currently hacking on the maven-repo-helper package. The source code 
contains copyright statements from the original author. Now when I add classes 
it would be logical to add "Copyright 2013 Thomas Koch".

But I don't see any sense in this. I've no interest to be the copyright 
holder. I'd much rather like to write "Copyright 2013 The Debian Project". 
(Actually I'm totally annoyed by anything related to copyright...)

Do you have any advise for code that originates in the Debian project?

CC-ing debian-java but this discussion might be best for debian-project.

If you think that it makes sense to identify the original author of some code: 
there is still the @author annotation in many languages. And the best thing is 
to use the appropriate tool for exactly this: git blame (or git praise!).


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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