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Re: Bug#699757: Java 6 support ending, Java 7 not in squeeze

Am 08.02.2013 06:37, schrieb tony mancill:
> I took a stab at this.  It's not quite as straight-forward as the steps 
> listed, but it may not be completely out of the realm of possibility (at 
> least not yet).

thanks for the flowers.

> Starting from a clean chroot:
> 0) apt-get install devscripts wdiff lsb

well, wdiff shouldn't be there in the first place. lsb shouldn't be needed at
all. there is a b-d on lsb-release.

> 1) touch debian/rules && debian/rules debian/control 2) touch debian/rules
> && debian/rules debian/control

why double checking?

> 3) There is a build-dep on librhino-java (>= 1.7R3~).  This isn't available
> in squeeze, but it will build in a squeeze chroot.

please adjust the rules file.

> 4) Install the other build-deps.
> 5) The configure step will fail complaining about missing GIO.  I'm not 
> sure what this refers to (perhaps someone knows what package this is?)

dpkg -S gio-2.0 should help you.

> or why it's not covered by the other build-deps, but I tried to work around
> it by adding "--disable-system-gio" to the CONFIGURE_ARGS in debian/rules.

acinclude.m4 requires 2.26, so the option looks ok.

> 6) debuild -us -uc
> At this point, I was able to get much further along.  The package built and
> built and built and then started running tests.  It made it to: ...
>> Passed:
>> javax/sound/midi/Gervill/SoftSynthesizer/TestDisableLoadDefaultSoundbank.java
FAILED: javax/sound/midi/Gervill/SoftSynthesizer/TestPreciseTimestampRendering.java
> before the console output stopped.  I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes,
> but the CPU was pegged at 100% and a java process was using all the CPU it
> could get, so I interrupted the build.  There isn't anything more than that
> in the build logs.
> I'm going to try the build in a clean sid chroot, just to establish a 
> baseline (and that I can build it), but if anyone has thoughts on what I 
> need to do to get GIO support in squeeze, I'd be appreciative.
> One other tip for folks who'd like to build it - at some point during the
> tests, the package will queue a print job.  I nearly jumped out of my chair
> when my printer started up...

be prepared to be woken up by the sound tests.

anyway, please submit your changes as a bug report such that somebody else
won't run in these issues.


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