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Bug#699757: Java 6 support ending, Java 7 not in squeeze

On 2013-02-04 18:27, Christian Bernardt wrote:
> Package: default-jdk
> Version: 1.6-40
> Debian squeeze does provide openjdk-6-jdk as part of its default-jdk package. Here it can be seen that http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html Java 6 end of support will be end of this month.
> We are relying on Java 7 and are supporting Debian squeeze. Will you not support Java  any longer or will openjdk-7-jdk be available on squeeze?


First off, thanks for your interest in Debian Java.

I am not sure how you can use Java 7 and support Debian Squeeze at the
same time since Debian Squeeze has (to my knowledge) never shipped a
Java 7 implementation.

The default-java will not change in Squeeze; there are simply too high a
risk of breakage.  Particularly this was confirmed when we tried to
migrate to Java7 as default in Wheezy - so, Java6 will also be the
default in Wheezy (unfortunately).

> If you are not supporting java 7 what is the official repository or source that should be used to install java 7 on debian squeeze?
> Thank you.
> Kind regards. Christian

To my knowledge there is currently no one working on backporting
openjdk-7 to Squeeze.  If they were to do so for Debian, it would very
likely be via backports.debian.org.  Matthias Klose suggested this
should be a simple matter of running

  $ touch debian/rules && debian/rules debian/control

on a Squeeze system in the unpacked openjdk-7 source package and then do
a full build.  I have not tested this yet, but if it is true finding a
backporter for OpenJDK-7 should be doable.  Any volunteers on d-java?  :)


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