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Bug#699757: Java 6 support ending, Java 7 not in squeeze

On 02/04/2013 01:55 PM, Niels Thykier wrote:
> On 2013-02-04 18:27, Christian Bernardt wrote:
>> Package: default-jdk
>> Version: 1.6-40
>> Debian squeeze does provide openjdk-6-jdk as part of its default-jdk package. Here it can be seen that http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html Java 6 end of support will be end of this month.
>> We are relying on Java 7 and are supporting Debian squeeze. Will you not support Java  any longer or will openjdk-7-jdk be available on squeeze?
> Hi,
> First off, thanks for your interest in Debian Java.
> I am not sure how you can use Java 7 and support Debian Squeeze at the
> same time since Debian Squeeze has (to my knowledge) never shipped a
> Java 7 implementation.
> The default-java will not change in Squeeze; there are simply too high a
> risk of breakage.  Particularly this was confirmed when we tried to
> migrate to Java7 as default in Wheezy - so, Java6 will also be the
> default in Wheezy (unfortunately).
>> If you are not supporting java 7 what is the official repository or source that should be used to install java 7 on debian squeeze?
>> Thank you.
>> Kind regards. Christian
> To my knowledge there is currently no one working on backporting
> openjdk-7 to Squeeze.  If they were to do so for Debian, it would very
> likely be via backports.debian.org.  Matthias Klose suggested this
> should be a simple matter of running
>   $ touch debian/rules && debian/rules debian/control
> on a Squeeze system in the unpacked openjdk-7 source package and then do
> a full build.  I have not tested this yet, but if it is true finding a
> backporter for OpenJDK-7 should be doable.  Any volunteers on d-java?  :)

Hi Niels,

I took a stab at this.  It's not quite as straight-forward as the steps
listed, but it may not be completely out of the realm of possibility (at
least not yet).

Starting from a clean chroot:

0) apt-get install devscripts wdiff lsb

1) touch debian/rules && debian/rules debian/control
2) touch debian/rules && debian/rules debian/control

3) There is a build-dep on librhino-java (>= 1.7R3~).  This isn't
available in squeeze, but it will build in a squeeze chroot.

4) Install the other build-deps.

5) The configure step will fail complaining about missing GIO.  I'm not
sure what this refers to (perhaps someone knows what package this is?)
or why it's not covered by the other build-deps, but I tried to work
around it by adding "--disable-system-gio" to the CONFIGURE_ARGS in

6) debuild -us -uc

At this point, I was able to get much further along.  The package built
and built and built and then started running tests.  It made it to:
> Passed: javax/sound/midi/Gervill/SoftSynthesizer/TestDisableLoadDefaultSoundbank.java
> FAILED: javax/sound/midi/Gervill/SoftSynthesizer/TestPreciseTimestampRendering.java

before the console output stopped.  I let it sit for about 10-15
minutes, but the CPU was pegged at 100% and a java process was using all
the CPU it could get, so I interrupted the build.  There isn't anything
more than that in the build logs.

I'm going to try the build in a clean sid chroot, just to establish a
baseline (and that I can build it), but if anyone has thoughts on what I
need to do to get GIO support in squeeze, I'd be appreciative.

One other tip for folks who'd like to build it - at some point during
the tests, the package will queue a print job.  I nearly jumped out of
my chair when my printer started up...

Thank you,

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