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Re: New package maintainer (assistant)

Felix Natter:
> > the repository with pristine-tar. Are you familiar with pristine-tar?
> No, not yet. I don't understand this: "pristine-tar can regenerate a
> pristine upstream tarball using only a small binary delta file and a
> copy of the source which can be a revision control checkout."
> => if "pristine tar" is the original tarball, how does it differ from
> "the source"? Do you have good documentation about this?
the source=a specified commit in the Git repo that has exactly the same 
content then the tar file
A tar file contains a bit more information then Git can store, e.g. file 
permissions, empty directories. Pristine tar remembers those differences and 
can recreate the bit-exact tarball from a commit and the delta information.

> >> - Concerning the conversion svn->git:
> >>   - In order to create a new package repo or convert a svn package
> >>   repo,
> >>   
> >>     I only need to do this:
> >>       git clone
> >>     
> >>     fnatter-guest@git.debian.org:/git/pkg-java/pkg-java.git [1] but
> >>     NOT get the team packages using "mr checkout", right?
> > 
> > No. There shouldn't be any git repo called pkg-java.
> But this is written in the wiki, section "Obtaining the master
> repository", and I can check "pkg-java" out.
> Or did you mean to say "we don't need pkg-java.git for converting a
> package from svn to git"?
I'm sorry. I wasn't aware of the wiki docu for pkg-java. Just ignore pkg-java 
for now. I don't think it's too useful for a beginner.

> Ok, let me get this straight:
> 1. I create the repo on alioth as described in "Create the git
>    repository on git.debian.org" heading [1] (./setup-repository)
>    => the output will tell me (part of) the repo name that I will have
>    to push to later
> [1] What's confusing is that alioth.debian.org and git.debian.org have
> different IPs, but if I log into git.debian.org I am greeted with
> "Alioth"... (and I can't log on to git.alioth.org).
Yes. Ignore. No idea what magic is applied here.

> 2. I generate/update the authors file
Have a look at 
on the server.

> 3. I convert the svn repo to git:
>   # this will create a local git repo:
>   $ git svn clone
>      --authors-file=/tmp/pkg-java-authors --no-metadata \
>      --trunk=trunk/freeplane \
>      --tags=tags/freeplane \
>      svn+ssh://fnatter-guest@svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-java/
> 4. I convert some branches to tags using this script inside the new git
>    repo (without understanding all of it):

> ----- up to here I cannot break anything -----
only your own machine :-)

> 5. I create a remote and push the master branch of the new git repo:
>   $ cd freeplane
>   $ git remote add origin
> git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-java/freeplane.git $ git push --tags -u
> origin master

> Who will have push access to the new repo? Will I have push access to
> any other repo (e.g. in case I make a mistake)?
Everybody who has an alioth account and is in the proper group to have write 
access to the repo. In any case every DD, you as the owner and members of the 
pkg-java group.

> => Is that closer? :-)

Gute Nacht,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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