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Re: Eclipse 3.8.0 RC2 for Debian experimental

On 2012-06-20 22:41, Jakub Adam wrote:
> Hi Niels,
> I updated eclipse and swt-gtk in git to 3.8.0 RC4. According to upstream
> plan [1]
> this version should be made a final release on June 27th if no critical
> bug is found.
> Regards,
> Jakub
> [1]
> http://wiki.eclipse.org/Juno/Final_Daze#Final_Build_6.2F13_--_end_of_RC4


Thanks for the heads up.  I had a look at the changes and most of it
appears to be just documentation updates.  I suspect that is a good sign
:), but I will stall the upload till the buildds have had time to
process the current upload (still waiting for ppc, mips{,el}).
  Hopefully they will build fine, but armhf already failed to an
internal error in OpenJDK (#678297)...


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