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Re: Eclipse 3.8.0 RC2 for Debian experimental

Hi Niels,

On 29.5.2012 18:41, Niels Thykier wrote:
FTBFS twice in a row (see attachment).

I see, should be fixed now

I also noticed a NPE in the
first build (see the other attactment) - though it didn't stop the build
and the debs appears to have sane content, so meh.

Looks like it fails to uninstall org.eclipse.equinox.initializer,
unfortunately the error message is not very helpful. As it seems this doesn't
affect the result in any other way than keeping org.eclipse.equinox.initializer_1.0.0.dist.jar
in /usr/share/eclipse/plugins, I think we can leave it alone.

There are also a couple of "old suspects" showing up in the source that
I fair confident shouldn't be there.

./eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.ui/jar-in-jar-loader.zip [1]
./eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt/components/external.xpt [1]
./eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.platform/3_1SplashPsd.zip [2]
./eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.platform/3_6SplashHeliosPsd.zip [2]

I removed these files from upstream sources.



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