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Re: Re: New work on java-package

>>   Hello Barry,
>>   It's nice to see an original maintainer of java-package back on it. I
>> hope you will like the changes I made to it :-)
>>   Current state of work is :
>>   - sources have moved to git
>> (git.debian.org/git/pkg-java/java-package.git
>> <
>> http://git.debian.org/git/pkg-java/java-package.git
>> >)
>>   - java-package 0.50 has been pushed to sid and wheezy (sponsored by
>> Sylvestre Ledru)
>>   - I'm currently merging contributions I received on my github
>> (
>> https://github.com/cedricpineau/java-package
>> ). Mainly code and branding
>> cleaning, support for oracle java6<u10 as well as future versions
>>   - I'm planning to add IBM java 6 and 7 packaging support
>> (
>> http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/linux/download.html
>> )
>>   - I keep track of further improvement in the README file of the git
>> repo :-)
>>   One important thing I did left behind for now because I don't get what
>> has to be done for it, is Matthias Klose request : "install into a
>> multiarch location to allow installing the i386 client vm on amd64 and ia64"
>>   I would appreciate if you Barry or anyone one this thread could give
>> me tips on this !
>> --
>> Cédric
> Cédric,
> I'll clone your github repo and take a look; is the original pkg-java SVN repo available still? Getting an idea of the delta will help mecalibrate.
> I'll look into the multiarch installation. It's very common to run 32-bit on 64-bit systems, especially when doing Java or Scala development, as the smaller register size tends to be more responsive with IDEs. I have conference engagements this week and next that take up lots of my time, but I'll get started on my tooling, credentials, etc. so I can dig back in.

Hey team, my other obligations have me stalled on this for the foreseeable future, so I won't be tackling the multiarch installation. I wanted to go ahead and announce so that anyone with the time and inclination could tackle it without worrying about coordination with me.


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