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Re: RFS: eclipse-cdt-pkg-config [Uploaded]

On 2012-03-11 23:36, Jakub Adam wrote:
> Hi Niels,
>> I see this have (apparently) been left unanswered for a while.  Is this
>> RFS still relevant and if so, how do did you obtain a tarball for it?
>> Upstream does not appear to have tarballs nor svn tags.  The best I
>> could find was their binary releases at [1], which suggests there are
>> "multiple 0.5.3" versions.
>> If you just pulled trunk, I think it is best to go back to the
>> "+svn$rev" notation.
> yes, this RFS is still relevant. For the source tarball I determined the
> right svn revision by comparing the commit date with build timestamp of
> the last upstream binary release. But if you like it better I appended
> revision number to the version.
>> I am also not sure what to make of the copyright holder of some the
>> files in "templates/projecttemplates/".  By the looks of it, it is a
>> template/example thing.
>>    On the other hand, there seems to be a "Symbian Software" (possibly
>> now owned by Nokia), so it could be a real copyright statement.  If the
>> latter is the case, the copyright statement is missing in d/copyright.
> Right, template.properties and template.xml seem to have real copyrights,
> added them to the list. Rest of the files are just templates with
> placeholders
> for copyright.
> Regards,
> Jakub


Uploaded, thanks for your contribution. :)

... and sorry for the delay.


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