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DebConf11: Java Team Meeting and Eclipse Packaging BoF


I just got confirmed two Ad-Hoc BoFs on 2011-07-30:
 * Java Team Meeting (10:00)
 * Eclipse Packaging BoF (18:00)

I hope people can join even though I was late in getting them up an
running.  I expect the Java Meeting will mostly be about do a status
update/health check on what we are doing (and what we should be doing).
  We can debate the "Java Release Goals", multi-arch status for Java or
whatever you'd like (possibly except Jigsaw, which has its own thing
later that day).

The Eclipse Packaging BoF is intended for people interested in helping
with packaging eclipse 3.7 and eclipse plugins.  We do have some
problems like xulrunner 2.0 (iceweasel 5.0) and eclipse's lack of
"shared-install" support.

I do not have a lot planned for these, so it would be great if you are
armed with curiosity and questions.  I am more than happy to give people
a practical session on building eclipse for that BoF as well.


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