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Re: Claimed our team on Launchpad

Le jeudi 25 novembre 2010 14:01:32, Niels Thykier a écrit :
> In light of <20101125122844.29993.30273.launchpad@potassium.ubuntu.com>
> I decided to claim the team(s) created by our team maintained launchpad
> (still pending the team created the from d-java@l.d.o due to the
> java-common package).

Thanks for having taking care of "claiming" our alioth team.

Is there a way to merge existing team ?

> I do not have any specific plans with these teams; so if you have any
> useful idea for what we can use them for feel free to let me know. Maybe
> we can use the pkg-java team to subscribe to Ubuntu side bugs?

Nice idea !

> For now I have made Torsten Werner (twerner) and Damien Raude-Morvan
> (drazzib) admins of these teams (without asking first, sorry you two :/
> feel free to remove yourself)

Fine for me.


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