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Re: /usr/lib/jni not put in java.library.path, sun java 5 and 6

Le vendredi 12 novembre 2010 à 09:51 -0500, Scott Howard a écrit :
> affects 382686 sun-java6-jre
> thanks
> I would to revisit this bug. I agree with the debian policy decision
> to keep compiled binaries in /usr/lib/jni/, but I'm getting frequent
> bug reports and emails form users of a library I maintain telling me
> that I installed the library to the wrong location [1-8, and personal
> correspondence]. I know we can't change the binaries, but can we
> somehow export this simple variable [9] in a wrapper so that all
> systems (that install sun-java) know to look in /usr/lib/jni? I think
> that would be a simple solution that will satisfy users so that they
> don't think our libraries are all broken.
I agree with you we should do that.
I had a (too) quick look on this and doing some modifications
in /etc/java-6-sun/* might fix this bug.


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