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Re: Eclipse

12.11.2010 01:07, Niels Thykier пишет:
> On 2010-11-09 12:23, Roman V. Nikolaev wrote:
>> Hello. Have a plan to add nore plugins for eclipse?
>> I interest for eclipse-epic.
> Hi
> Yes, we are planning to add more plugins to eclipse. We recently
> finished CDT and we have been looking at some git plugins as well. As
> far as I recall there is already a RFP (Request For Package) on
> eclipse-epic; but if not feel free to file it and we look it when time
> permits.
> Alternatively you are also very welcome to package epic or any other
> eclipse plugin for that matter. Some of them are really trivial to do
> build-wise. :)
> ~Niels

 Yes I try to do that. But I never use java and can`t do it =( But on
eclipse I use many plugins: svn, git, php, perl, python, web tools, ...
If I can help do it - just write email me.

         Roman V. Nikolaev

mail:        rshadow@rambler.ru
icq:         198-364-657
jabber:      rshadow@jabber.org
site:        http://www.rshadow.ru

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