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Re: Comments regarding openmrs_1.6.1-1_amd64.changes

On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 07:03:25PM -0600, Misha Koshelev wrote:
> Specifically, if I understand correctly the problem with tools such as
> Maven is that, during _build_ time, network access is not allowed.

I can confirm that the Debian package process should work on a
box without network connection.
> I don't believe that including all the source jars in the SVN repo
> would go well with current OpenMRS devs. However, I don't see why they
> can't be included in a Debian source deb...

... which would be sufficient.
> Do I understand correctly that if I simply include code to download
> JAR sources and, say, put them in a jar-sources folder, in
> debian/orig-tar.sh, which is called from debian/watch by uscan, all
> will be kosher?

I think so.  However, as far as I (from a non-Java packagers
perspective) would see things the best way would be to create Debian
packages from those dependencies with their own source package creating
the jars you need and let OpenMRS depend from these packages.  I have
heard "rumors" that this might be a hard job for some Java apps.

Kind regards



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