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Re: Request for reviewing my first java package


Damien Raude-Morvan a écrit , Le 08/11/2010 23:54:
> Le lundi 08 novembre 2010 23:32:21, Gilles Filippini a écrit :
>> Hello pkg-java team,
> Hi Gilles,
> [You should use debian-java@lists.debian.org to contact the team as on
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/JavaPackaging]

Sorry about that. I missed to check the team's wiki page.

> - debian/README.source doesn't seems to contains any useful info. You might 
> want to drop it.

Oops. Sure :D

> - debian/control : no need for ${shlibs:Depends} substvar on arch:All package 
> libjxgrabkey-java
>    => libjxgrabkey-java won't embed any system libs and dh_shlibdeps won't 
> generate anything useful from it


> - debian/rules seems to use directly openjdk with CPPFLAGS="-
> I/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/include" so you have to B-D on it directly 
> instead of default-jdk
>    => some arch doesn't have openjdk has "default-jdk" but GCJ so your package
>    will FTBFS on those arch.

CPPFLAGS isn't needed anymore. I've dropped this setting.

Scott Howard a écrit , Le 09/11/2010 02:13:
> In the future you can consider the javahelper package (read the
> javahelper tutorial in the package too). It has some nice debhelper
> addons that will make installing libraries easier. (you move them
> around a bit and rename/symlink them to get them to work which is
> great, but is easily done automagically with javahelper). It can also
> be used to link the javadoc for you too.

I didn't know about javahelper. It is indeed convenient for the simlink
handling. But I won't use it for the javadoc part because I'm not happy
with the resulting doc-base file.

> 2) debian/docs appears to be empty (probably can just delete it)


> 3) the upstream changelog can be installed using
> override_dh_installchangelogs: dh_installchangelogs -k
> misc/ReleaseFiles/CHANGELOG.txt
> instead of using mv and renaming


> 4) you rename the library from JXGrabKey.jar to jxgrabkey.jar. To be
> compatible with other projects that may use your library, you should
> keep the same capitalization. javahelper's script "jh_installlibs"
> will do that for you, install it to /usr/share/java, and install the
> correctly formatted versioned .jar and the symlink per policy.

Fixed using jh_installlibs.

> 5) your git repo can use tags for the upstream/pristine tar section (I
> couldn't build your package using git buildpackage since there was no
> upstream tags). There are some good how tos on the internet showing
> how you can do that

Fixed. This was a side effect of not using git-import-orig for the first
release of the package :/

> 6) Builds fine, only lintian pedantic or info is:
> I: libjxgrabkey-java: extended-description-is-probably-too-short
> P: libjxgrabkey-jni: no-upstream-changelog
> I: libjxgrabkey-doc: extended-description-is-probably-too-short
> P: libjxgrabkey-doc: no-upstream-changelog
> (The upstream changelog pedantic warnings would be fixed using the
> dh_installchangelogs command I mentioned above)

Fixed thanks to dh_installchangelogs.

> 7) regarding the CPPFLAGS listed in debian/rules, I believe you can
> drop that. It's bad to put that hard coded -I path in case an arch
> doesn't have that path. That include shouldn't be necessary at all. If
> you really need it, you can use
> CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/lib/jvm/default-java/include"    which should work on
> all archs.

It does work indeed.
Anyway it seems debian/rules doesn't need this setting anymore. Must
have been a side effect of previous attempts.

Many thanks for these reviews. They are highly appreciated.


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