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Re: Clojure versioning

Hello Peter,

This looks great, please commit it in the main tree. We should work towards a new release for next week, I still have a few things I want to add to mh_make before I can do a combined release of maven-debian-helper and maven-repo-helper.


Le 01/09/2010 18:07, Peter Collingbourne a écrit :

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 06:07:29PM +0100, Peter Collingbourne wrote:
One idea is to have a
.mk file in /usr/share/cdbs/1/class which defines a clojure.version
environment variable in DEB_MAVEN_ARGS and declares a substvar, say
clojure:Depends.  The individual package would then be responsible for
replacing the clojure version number in pom.xml with ${clojure.version}
(e.g. using maven.rules) and using either ${maven:Depends} or
${clojure:Depends} (for non-maven builds) in debian/control.

I've been rethinking this and I think it would be best for the .mk to
supply the rule itself in some form (AIUI you would need to modify
an existing rule or patch one in earlier so it would always be a
maven.rules style rule) as this would give us flexibility going

I've been working on modifications to maven-repo-helper that allow
you to give rules directly on the command line using a new -R option.
There are also options for ignore and publish rules.  An example
invocation would look like this:

mh_patchpom --extra-rule="* clojure * s/.*/1.2.x/g"
mh_patchpom -R"* clojure * s/.*/1.2.x/g"

The .mk could then add a similar option to $DEB_PATCHPOMS_ARGS.

I thought this would be the easiest way to go rather than having
the .mk generate or modify an existing maven.rules itself (which may
indeed have another name and/or be messy to clean up).  To me this
also seems consistent with the ability of debhelper style tools to
take arguments either from a file or the command line.

I published the changes to maven-repo-helper as a git repository

Ludovic, thoughts?


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