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Re: What should I do on FTBFS on hppa against gcj?

On Wed Sep 01 16:36, Torsten Werner wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Am 01.09.2010 12:14, schrieb Thomas Koch:
> > I thought, that hppa should also use openjdk? Can I just ignore the bug or 
> > should I exclude hppa, can I build-conflict with gcj :-)?
> feel free to ignore hppa bugs. It is no longer a release architecture.

However, if the package does not build with gcj, it's not just a problem with
hppa - we also use it on kfreebsd and (I _think_) mips and sparc, unless we
manage to fix the FTBFS of openjdk there.

Thomas should change his package to build-depend on openjdk rather than
default-jdk if it only builds with openjdk and (obviously) change the JAVA_HOME
which is used to build respectively.

That will stop the package from being built on any platform where openjdk is
not available.

Thomas should also check whether the package runs with gcj and if it does not,
update the Depends etc as well.


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