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Re: OpenJDK on hppa (reprise)

On 06.08.2010 11:58, Gary Benson wrote:
Tom Marble wrote:
Back in January there were some threads on this and specifically
about the direction of stack growth [0] (cross posted [1] [2]).

The Debian Java team has decided that as we need to support this
architecture and thus I wanted to see if any others have attacked
this or have any other tips about how difficult it may be to
convince Zero to cooperate?

What happened in January was some people talked about difficulties
that *might* arise *if* they tried to make Zero work on HPPA.

To actually make Zero work on HPPA what needs to happen is that
somebody with a machine needs to grab a copy of OpenJDK and try
to build and run it.

I'm available by email and on #openjdk to help people with any
issues they have with Zero and Shark on any platform.

Debian developers do have access to such machines. Please email me if somebody outside of Debian wants access to such a machine.


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