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Crashes in GCTaskThread in openjdk/sun


  I'm maintaining freecol, a java-based game, and several users
reported crashes - plain real JVM segfaults - on two different
versions and with different JVM, namely openjdk and sun6. I'm a bit at
loss here, since to my knowledge, segfaults can only be the result of:

  * a native code error, which I'm pretty sure isn't the case in
freecol (since it does not rely on native code)
  * a JVM bug

  (am I forgetting something ?).

  All crashes, for version 0.8.4 and 0.9.2 and for sun and openjdk
versions (I haven't checked sun on 0.9.2) occur in the same thread,
GCTaskThread. I'm wondering here if the problem is in freecol (which I
doubt, but I don't know) or if there is a bug in some bits of the code
that are shared between sun6 and openjdk ? Does anyone have an idea ?
I'm pretty sure the bug didn't occur the last time I played freecol,
which was in September 2009. This bug makes the game almost

  More information can be found on the bug reports:





  Many thanks,


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