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Debian Java track at DebConf 10


I'd like to coordinate a Debian-Java track in DebConf10. We have so far two 
java-related talks/BoF submitted and Adnan and I are preparing a third one.

These are some example talks that I personally would like to attend (the 
examples are intended to get those talk-submission creative juices going):

* A talk explaining the current state of the Java Policy and where we want to 
take it in the longer term. Doesn't need to be a talk, it can a joust ;-)

* A talk explaining javahelper, maybe focusing on newer developments if such a 
talk has been offered on past DebConfs

* A tutorial on Maven (I'd really like to attend that ;-)

* A talk with Lessons learned on Eclipse packaging or similar efforts

* A talk describing the Hadoop packaging

* A talk explaining bindv6only issues and Java networking

And any other talk related to Debian and Java. 

If you submit a talk, please mention in the submission notes that you'd like 
to have it as part of the Java track.

(Please drop debconf-team for debian-java-related follow-ups.)

See you all in NYC!


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