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ITP: acgvision-agent -- ACGVision java monitoring Agent.

Package: acgvision-agent
Severity: wishlist
Owner:  Rémi Debay <remi.debay@acgcenter.com>

* Package name : acgvision-agent
Version : 5.1.4
Upstream Author : Rémi Debay <remi.debay@acgcenter.com>
* URL : https://launchpad.net/acgvision-agent
* License : GPLv2
Programming Lang: Java
Description : Monitoring client for ACGVision.

 Acgvision-agent is the client used by ACGVision to monitor system activity.
 It communicates to the server using SOAP using http or https. The agent has
 the abilities to repport events and execute scripts on failure.
 It is also compatible with most of nagios' scripts.

Rémi Debay,


Synergie Park Des Bonnettes
2, rue Willy Brandt
62000 Arras

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