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Re: Debian Java track at DebConf 10

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 4:49 AM, Pablo Duboue <pablo.duboue@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to coordinate a Debian-Java track in DebConf10. We have so far two
> java-related talks/BoF submitted and Adnan and I are preparing a third one.
> These are some example talks that I personally would like to attend (the
> examples are intended to get those talk-submission creative juices going):
> * A talk explaining the current state of the Java Policy and where we want to
> take it in the longer term. Doesn't need to be a talk, it can a joust ;-)
> * A talk explaining javahelper, maybe focusing on newer developments if such a
> talk has been offered on past DebConfs
> * A tutorial on Maven (I'd really like to attend that ;-)
> * A talk with Lessons learned on Eclipse packaging or similar efforts
> * A talk describing the Hadoop packaging
> * A talk explaining bindv6only issues and Java networking
> And any other talk related to Debian and Java.
> If you submit a talk, please mention in the submission notes that you'd like
> to have it as part of the Java track.
> (Please drop debconf-team for debian-java-related follow-ups.)

I haven't yet decided whether or not to go to debconf10, but I would
really like to have some discussion around dynamic languages around
JVM, especially Clojure. There are some interesting packaging problems
there. Also Polyglot maven is on the horizon and some discussion
around that will be great as well.

I need to make up my mind on whether I need to attend Debconf10 or
not. I haven't attended any debconf till date being too far away
requiring lots of money to attend. I have a visa though. But this
discussion really makes me attend it. I am quite passionate about
clojure and building an ecosystem for it in Debian.


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