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Re: packaging insighttoolkit java wrappers; advice sought

Niels Thykier wrote:
> Steve M. Robbins wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi
> I have not had time to check your package and its build system (I may
> have a look tomorrow if time permits).
>> [...]
>> The package I seek to create will contain several java libraries.  I'm
>> not packaging a program, nor a compiler, runtime, etc.  My first
>> question: is the policy document [2] sufficiently up-to-date for my
>> needs?  
> No, it most certainly is not :). A set of policy changes have been
> ratified during Easter that has not been deployed yet. I will look into
> that tomorrow. I will write back when I get the policy deployed.
>   Mind you, even after this updated policy has been uploaded, it still
> does not match all our practices. We are working on fixing this, but it
> may take a while.

The amended policy is now available.

> [...]
> ~Niels

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