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Re: Package for gstreamer-java

On Mon Apr 05 14:54, Samuel Lucas Vaz de Mello wrote:
> The bindings are independent from gstreamer. It depends only on jni
> and swt jars and use ant as build system.
> I searched for documentation on how to create debian packages for java
> libraries but I'm a bit confused on which tools to choose
> (CDBS/dh_make, quilt/dpatch, etc). Reading the New Maintainers' Guide,
> it seems I could use dh_make and manually edit debian/rules to call
> ant to build/install/clean, overriding almost all dh_* targets. Would
> this be a good approach?
> Is there any additional documentation that can help me?

I recommend looking at the documentation in the javahelper package, and then
running jh_makepkg to get your starting position. These are tools similar to
debhelper (in addition to) which are java-specific.


Matthew Johnson

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