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Re: Package for gstreamer-java

>> I'm developing an open source application that uses GStreamer using
>> gstreamer-java binding [1].
>> I would like to have gstreamer-java available in debian repositories,
>> so I will be able to just reference it as a dependency. I believe that
>> many other applications could use it too.
>> Gstreamer-java is already in Fedora repositories [2].
>> I have asked in the gstreamer-java development mail list about debian
>> packaging and the maintainers said that the main obstacle is the lack
>> of a debian maintainer. I have asked pkg-gstreamer-maintainers, but
>> they don't have expertise with java packages.
>> Is there anything I can do to help to make it into debian?
> If the bindings are separate from gstreamer itself, then you can package
> it yourself or ask us to do it (by filing an ITP or an RFP bug against
> wnpp).


The bindings are independent from gstreamer. It depends only on jni
and swt jars and use ant as build system.

I searched for documentation on how to create debian packages for java
libraries but I'm a bit confused on which tools to choose
(CDBS/dh_make, quilt/dpatch, etc). Reading the New Maintainers' Guide,
it seems I could use dh_make and manually edit debian/rules to call
ant to build/install/clean, overriding almost all dh_* targets. Would
this be a good approach?

Is there any additional documentation that can help me?

Thank you,

 - Samuel

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