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Re: RFS: pleiades - Japanese Language package for Eclipse using Dynamic AOP - IANADD

On Sat Mar 27 11:44, Hideki Yamane wrote:
>  So, next step... I want someone to upload this to Debian :)
>  please dget below, build and dupload/dput to NEW queue! 
>  http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/p/pleiades/pleiades_1.3.1-dfsg-1.dsc

I've had a look at the package in detail, but unfortunately I can't upload it.

   - you list Files: * and a copy of the EPL twice in debian/copyright
   - you have licenced the packaging under the GPL, which is not compatible with the
     EPL, and hence the resulting package is (at least in one view) not distributable.
     We recommend licencing packaging under either the licence of the software, or
     a permissive licence such as expat.
   - what is the licence of ./srctest/jp/sourceforge/mergedoc/pleiades/resource/3.1.1a/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.isv_3.1.1/jdt_api_options/ja_expected.html (et al)?

Matthew Johnson

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