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Re: [Summery] Re: Integrating the FOSDEM 06 Draft into the Java

On Fri Mar 26 21:47, Eric Lavarde wrote:
> OK, I'm not exactly enthusiastic, but I can live with this, as long as  
> the wording of the policy is adapted accordingly.
> Why I'm not enthusiastic: should I manage to get into Debian yet another  
> Java runtime, which is not compatible with either gcj, nor with openjdk,  
> then the result could be that quite a lot of packages wouldn't be policy 
> compliant anymore, because they wouldn't work with "all" JRE anymore.

I personally view adding more JREs as a bad plan. I believe we should be aiming
to reduce their number, ideally to one (at least, to one that behaves as
/usr/bin/java and that packages depend on; or - one that is _supported_ as

After all, despite multiple python interpreters, only one of them is supported
as /usr/bin/python.

Matthew Johnson

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