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Re: [Summery] Re: Integrating the FOSDEM 06 Draft into the Java Policy

On Fri Mar 26 11:24, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
> >  Programs and libraries &should; enable JUnit tests, if these are present.
> >  *However, these tests &should; not lead to build failures unless
> > Maintainer is confident enough that tests are stable between builds*
>   I think we are missing the point here; for instance, I've mostly
> disabled junit tests because they depend on not-yet-packaged or even
> non-DFSG-free libraries. I think both formulations are too oriented
> towards: "junit tests should be enabled unless they fail", which
> basically defeats the purpose of any test suite. I think we don't need
> any comment about build failures: "should" is weak enough that a
> maintainer could disable it if he/she thinks there are good reasons to
> do so.

I believe the default was 'off' because having transients which aren't actually
problems causing the build to fail on a buildd is bad. I certainly agree with
Damien's phrasing, if you are sure they are fine then you can have them cause
the build to fail, but you should actively be thinking in that direction.


Matthew Johnson

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