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Re: maven-repo, ivy, javahelper, fosdem

Matthew Johnson a écrit :
> On Thu Jan 07 23:30, Ludovic Claude wrote:
>> javahelper and maven-repo-helper should be harmonized as much as
>> possible, I need to look into this, and learn more about debhelper 7.
>> I think that you need to add 2 actions on a post install hook:
>> - mh_linkjar to create links to the jars installed in /usr/share/java by
>> jh_installlibs into /usr/share/maven-repo
>> - mh_installpoms to install the POM files into the Maven repository
> I'd love to integrate things as much as possible, I know nothing about
> maven and don't have the time to learn right now though, so any help
> with that is appreciated
I'll try to help

>>> Shouldn't there be a policy that all java stuff should also be published to 
>>> /usr/share/maven-repo?
>> The policy should mention that this repository now exists, but it should
>> not be mandatory to install libraries there. Of course, when you package
>> a project built with Maven that's missing the required POM and jar files
>> in the Maven repository, it's more work on you.
> What is necessary to put things in here? How much tooling can we add to
> make this transparent and/or easy?

The tooling already exists:
If the project contains already POM files, run mh_make -ant on the
source tree, it will generate the necessary files in the Debian
repository, then you will have to merge the generated rules file with
the existing one.
If the project doesn't contain POM files, then you will have to download
them (from mvnrepository.com or repository.sonatype.org) and install
them in the debian repository.

You need to add the file <package>.poms that contains the list of POM
files in your project (or run mh_make or mh_lspoms to generate it),
then modify debian/rules to deploy the jar and the POM metadata during
the install or post-install step of the build.
- use mh_installpoms to deploy the POM files into the Maven repository
- use mh_installjar to deploy the jar files into the Maven repository
(there are variants, such as using mh_linkjar or creating the link yourself)
Again, most of the work should have been done if you have run mh_make

>>> There'll be a Java Devroom at FOSDEM. Should we meet their to discuss Debian-
>>> Java stuff?[5]
>> I'm still thinking about it, but Brussels is not too far and quite nice
>> for a week-end, so maybe.
> I'd love to be involved in such a meeting, but spring is always
> massively busy for me
> Matt

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