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Re: maven-repo, ivy, javahelper, fosdem

On Thu Jan 07 23:30, Ludovic Claude wrote:
> javahelper and maven-repo-helper should be harmonized as much as
> possible, I need to look into this, and learn more about debhelper 7.
> I think that you need to add 2 actions on a post install hook:
> - mh_linkjar to create links to the jars installed in /usr/share/java by
> jh_installlibs into /usr/share/maven-repo
> - mh_installpoms to install the POM files into the Maven repository

I'd love to integrate things as much as possible, I know nothing about
maven and don't have the time to learn right now though, so any help
with that is appreciated

> > Shouldn't there be a policy that all java stuff should also be published to 
> > /usr/share/maven-repo?
> The policy should mention that this repository now exists, but it should
> not be mandatory to install libraries there. Of course, when you package
> a project built with Maven that's missing the required POM and jar files
> in the Maven repository, it's more work on you.

What is necessary to put things in here? How much tooling can we add to
make this transparent and/or easy?
> > There'll be a Java Devroom at FOSDEM. Should we meet their to discuss Debian-
> > Java stuff?[5]
> > 
> I'm still thinking about it, but Brussels is not too far and quite nice
> for a week-end, so maybe.

I'd love to be involved in such a meeting, but spring is always
massively busy for me


Matthew Johnson

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