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Re: Java Help on Debian


you probably need to set the CLASSPATH environment variable to the listed
JAR files, wherever you put them, I would recommend NOT in Java's own
directories (I tend to put local JARs to /usr/local/share/java, then
Java is already installed, so you should be set from this point of view
(if you need Java6, make sure you have installed the package sun-java6-jre
or openjdk-6-jre).

You can improve the setup by installing the packages for the libraries
already packaged for Debian (e.g. slf4j), instead of using locally
downloaded libraries. Then you get automatically patch updates and the


Michael Su said:
> odinms.jar (this is just the server jar file)
> xttools.jar
> mina-core.jar
> jpcap.jar
> mysql-connector-java-bin.jar
> slf4j-api
> slf4j-jdk14

Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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