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Re: For those who care about batik

Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>>>>   In addition, the debian/copyright file needs updating: most of the
>>>> files are Apache 2.0 (and not 1.1), but some files are public domain.
>>>> You might also want to make it a little more clear how the .dfsg archive
>>>> was made... (debian/README.debian only says about 0.94.dfsg, not the
>>>> 0.95 version !).
>>> Where did you see files in public domain ?
>>   Using licensecheck, I picked up a few -- I'll have a look into it later.
> Are you sure ?
> The command:
> $ licensecheck -r .|grep -i domain|wc -l
> is returning 0.

  Yep. I seemed to have seen more, but now I only find this one:


>>   I switched fop.sh to java-wrappers. You can see that it lead to a
>> significant decrease of the size ;-)... Could you check it works fine ?
>> If that is the case, I'll switch the other wrapper too, and we'll upload
>> to main/experimental (there are no reasons to keep it out of main, now !).
> Many thanks. It is indeed giving very nice startup script. I will think
> about using it in my packages.

  ;-) ... Please go ahead ! I think it is nice to be able to provide a
consistent user interface for java wrapper scripts, rather than the
current mess...

> While we are talking about "Java rendering" packages, I also updated
> xmlgraphics-commons to the version 1.3.1. Could you upload it to
> experimental too ? (I need it for jeuclid [1])

  The 1.2 version is waiting in NEW. No need to upload a newer version
for now. I'll do that when it is accepted.

> FOP is working without any problem with this version (it is the one I am
> using to test it).

  Great !

  I'll find some time to switch the other script and then I'll upload it.



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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