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Re: For those who care about batik

> > It is available here:
> > For the compiled version: http://sylvestre.ledru.info/debian/fop/
> > or 
> > svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-java/trunk/fop
>   I'm just wondering about some points: I seem to recall that the point
> of getting an updated version was that older versions seemed to work
> less well with newer batik. Then, shouldn't fop tighten dependencies on
> batik 1.7 ? If then, we should upload to experimental, and it would
> probably be worth to see if we can move it to main. In particular, does
> it work fine with openjdk -- or with other free java implementations (I
> doubt that, as batik does not work really well with non-Sun stuff)?
>   Could you check all that, please ?
fop v0.95 needs Batik 1.7. I agree that it should go to experimental
It seems that it needs this version for WMF stuff (at least).
I also changed gcj to openjdk6.

I tested to build a 2400 pages documentation (Scilab's docbook to PDF)
using also MathML & Latex. It works for me with OpenJDK & this version
of FOP.

>   In addition, the debian/copyright file needs updating: most of the
> files are Apache 2.0 (and not 1.1), but some files are public domain.
> You might also want to make it a little more clear how the .dfsg archive
> was made... (debian/README.debian only says about 0.94.dfsg, not the
> 0.95 version !).
Where did you see files in public domain ?

I udpated the README.Debian and took the opportunity to add a script to
repack the archive.
See revision 7120.

>   BTW, it probably would be worth trying to adapt fop.sh and
> fop-ttfreader.sh to the java-wrappers stuff, in order to offer a more
> consistent interface with batik and other programs too - but I can do
> that, since I wrote java-wrappers, after all ;-)...
You are welcome :)


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