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Re: Division by zero exception when running Swing program with /usr/bin/gij-4.3


> It should not matter with which compiler you build your application as
> the bug is in the Swing implementation in GCJ.
> Can you debug this with gdb and track down which value is zero? Or at
> least provide a simple testcase that reproduces this?

I am not quite sure, how I could debug this using gdb. I have it running
in Eclipse, but my breakpoint on ArithmeticException never fires
(probably because the exception is thrown within libgcj).

I have also tried to strip the program down to isolate the problem. The
stripped down version *sometimes* leads to the described problem (though
on my machine the original application did always lead to the problem).
For the stripped down version, it seems that some factors increase the
likelyhood of the problem surfacing:
      * High processor load
      * Multiple instances of the program running
My machine is a dual core.

I have attached the stripped down version. I could also provide you with
the full package source.

Best regards 


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