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Re: Eclipse packages status

Hello Andrew,

Le lundi 28 avril 2008 à 09:44 -0400, Andrew Overholt a écrit :
> This sounds like "rpmstubby" (name can be changed no problem) which I
> hacked up very quickly to "stub" out an RPM specfile from Eclipse plugin
> feature.xml files.  It's very rough but it holds potential.  I'd really
> welcome any collaboration on it since I'm busy with other things.

Thanks for pointing this out. I still need to have a look at rpmstubby
so I can't tell yet if that's feasible "as is" or not; but tweaking it
so that it is distribution agnostic is certainly possible. I'll give it
a try when I have time.

> There's also the idea of automatically mirroring OSGi dependency
> information into packages.  Something like what exists for .sos and Mono
> packages.  Is this possible with .debs?

Yes, but it needs to be written :-)


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