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Moving Freemarker back to main, and the servlet-api

I would find it very useful if we could find a way to move freemarker back into main. As I understand it freemarker was moved to contrib because:

* freemarker now needs version 2.1 of the JSP specification [servlet 2.5] (It uses the javax.el package etc.)

  * We have not yet packaged a version 2.5 servlet API in Debian.

* The only Debian package to provide JSP API 2.1 is Glassfish, which is in contrib, forcing freemarker into contrib.

Have I got that right?

So I propose we create a new package, libservlet2.5-java, using the Tomcat 6 source code (I realise Tomcat 6 isn't in Debian yet). Then we can make freemarker build-depend on libservlet2.5-java, and move it back into main. I'd prefer to do this fairly soon, rather than wait for Tomcat 6 to be packaged.

Does that sound OK to everybody?

(In case you are wondering why I am so keen to move freemarker back into main, it is because JavaCC will soon build-depend on it, and it would be a Bad Thing if we had to take JavaCC out of main).


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