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Re: Moving Freemarker back to main, and the servlet-api

Paul Cager wrote:
So I propose we create a new package, libservlet2.5-java, using the Tomcat 6 source code (I realise Tomcat 6 isn't in Debian yet).

What should we do about the servlet-api.jar symlink? Currently /usr/share/java looks like:

    servlet-api.jar -> servlet-api-2.4.jar

We want libservlet2.5-java to be able to co-exist with 2.4 and 2.3 (and so I can't conflict&replace 2.4), which means I can't provide a servlet-api.jar symlink (without a lot of hassle). I think this could be a Good Thing as applications would link to specific versions of the API.

Any comments?


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