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Re: Moving Freemarker back to main, and the servlet-api

Paul Cager wrote:
> So I propose we create a new package, libservlet2.5-java, using the
> Tomcat 6 source code (I realise Tomcat 6 isn't in Debian yet).

There is an open bug (#452370) about building libservlet2.4-java from
tomcat5.5 source package, and so get rid of the libservlet2.4-java source
package (which is copied from tomcat5.5 anyway). Actually it's mostly done
in my tree, I need to clean it up and check in...

Anyway it would be good not to add another cloned source package once we
package Tomcat 6. So why not make a "tomcat6" source package now, but build
only libservlet2.5-java from it? Then we can add the other parts and have
only one source package.



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